Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Viara recommends...

The Master and the Margarita is my favorite book. It is a book that includes all kinds of topics. It is a book about life in general. You can learn about love, hatred, desire, will power, good and bad, about everything. What makes it so interesting is that the Devil is included in the story. In a series of adventures, you get to know the main character Margarita. But will she sacrifice her life in the name of love? The Master and the Margarita is a book worth reading.

You might like Paulo Coelho's books if you like this one, or this one if you like Coelho's.


  1. Hi, i have visited the blogspot and i really like it. From all the books listed the most interesting to me seems to be The Master and Margarita
    Dimitar Drumev 10/3

  2. Hi, Mitko cannot stop talking about this book - he is in love with it. He is constantly telling me about it - i feel that it is so good i will read it and am even ready to recommend it to other people! Mitko reads a lot of books with love and romance. Anyway, i have visited the blog.

    Goran Georgiev 10/3

  3. We had to read this book for our Bulgarian classes for this year. I loved the book. It's theme is very unusual. It's about the devil,about love, and witches...I loved it!
    Mina Ivanova 10/7