Monday, December 7, 2009

Ivaylo recommends...

A spiriting and original tale of mysteries and the unknown. Ever wanted to touch the deepest and darkest secrets of the Masonic brotherhood and other cults? Ever wanted to find the true mysteries of history? This book is for you. Finally a new way to look upon the old world. Finally history is revived and we can see its true purpose. Unimaginable secrets shall be revealed, kept for thousands of years, and far surpassing your wildest dreams. A wisdom that stood in front of our eyes for hundreds of years will finally be discovered. But wait - will this power go into the right hands?

The Lost Symbol - a dazzling story about the fight between good and evil in the fight for the world's greatest relic. Families will be broken, fates will be twisted, mysteries will be revealed. Can't wait, can ya?

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