Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Iva and Joan recommend...

I am only halfway through but this book has already become the best book I've read in this year's outside reading. This is a book written by a sixteen-year-old boy and is already an international bestseller. Eragon is a story of a boy who discovers a dragon egg and becomes a dragon rider. This fantasy book tells the reader a lot about dragons and magic creatures. Also, the adventure is non-stop and breath-taking. If you liked The Hobbit you will probably like this book too. It is a book for true adventurers.

My favorite book this quarter was Eragon by Christopher Paolini. This book is a story about one lazy boy whose life suddenly changes when he finds a dragon egg in a fossil. Eragon becomes a dragon rider and is the chosen one who must defeat the evil lord Galbatorix. I liked this book very much because it's a mixture of adventures, fantasy and a lot of battles. It is a very dynamic book and every single moment is very exciting and interesting. The book is suitable for people of every age. I recommend it to everyone.


  1. In my opinion the plot is very nice, however the author copies things from other fantasy books. If you read this book make sure you read the second one too.
    - Alexander Simeonov 10/3

  2. Lewbina 10/3
    I think that I will read this one

  3. i have read this one - its interesting
    Peter 10-3