Monday, December 7, 2009

Andrea and Elena recommend...

This is the story of an English teenager, whose parents are divorced, and his girlfriend. Their actions lead to a surprise, not very pleasant for both sides. Written from Sam's (the teenage boy) perspective, the book gives the reader the opportunity to dive into the story. Everything serious is presented in a witty way, but that doesn't make things unserious, just easier to understand. The perfect teenage book! If you have read other novels by Hornsby and you liked them, it is absolutely sure you'll love this one, too.

A story about a 16 year old boy, called Sam, and his life. Sam is a skater and is really into skating. For a long time, the only true friend he had was a poster of the best skater, until Sam met Alicia. From this moment his life turns 180 degrees. Are Sam and Alicia going to overcome their problems and will they stay together through it all? Read this incredible story of an ordinary teenager and you will find out.

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